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~ Press Release ~ FBCo Christmas Come Early

The French Bedroom Co

17 Jul 2018

Press Release
FBCo Christmas Come Early 

It may only be June but blink & it will be Christmas. 
So, we’re unveiling our cosiest, glitziest & most festive treats to get you in a Yuletide mood.​


Header Lifestyle Image: 
Versailles Gold Bedroom Sofa, £1180 & 
Versailles Gold Shabby Chic Console Table (small), £652.

Second Row Lifestyle Images: 
Fitzroy Chandelier, £199.
Majestic Crimson Red Velvet Sofa, £1795; Cheetah and Palms Velvet Cushion, £32 & Leopard Print Fur Throw, £99.

Third Row Lifestyle Image: 
Majestic Crimson Red Velvet Sofa, £1795; Cheetah and Palms Velvet Cushion, £32; Plushious Velvet Navy Blue Cushion, £45; 
Plushious Velvet Emerald Green Cushion, £45; Leopard Print Fur Throw, £99; 
Bamboo Gold Side Table, £165; Gold Longicorn Beetle Wall Decoration, £45 &
Gold Plant Beetle Wall Decoration, £45.

Cut-out images: 
1. Plushious Saffron Red Velvet Bedspread, £340
2. Majestic Crimson Red Velvet Sofa, £1795
3. Majestic Crimson Red Velvet Armchair, £948
4. Plushious Velvet Emerald Green Cushion, £45
5. Fight Me Antler Candelabra, from £463
6. Essence Vintage Large Chandelier, £680
7. Bouffant Twist Gold Stool, £120

Top Lifestyle Image: The Hedonist Black Bed, from £698; 
The Hedonist Side Table, £140; Plushious Saffron Red Velvet Bedspread, £340;
Cushion - Coming Soon; Bust - Coming Soon & Rockstar Kilim Rug, £299.

Bottom Lifestyle Image. Cheetah and Palms Velvet Cushion, £32.


Domu Brands

17 Jul 2018

Online makeup and accessory storage retailer Beautify have released their most ambitious product range yet.
Keeping a bedroom looking elegant and tidy is hard work. Ineffective organisation can leave clothes, makeup and style accessories strewn everywhere, but practical storage solutions don’t always offer the elegant aesthetic you’re looking for.
With the new Grey Bedroom collection, Beautify are offering a sophisticated furniture range that’s as good-looking as it is practical. By deftly incorporating curvaceous flourishes into minimalistic, Nordic-style designs, they’ve struck an ideal balance between form and function. 
Each of the six items in the range have been constructed in Denmark - the heart of modern furniture design - to exacting standards. By using only hard-wearing MDF wood and stainless steel, Beautify have managed to put together a long-lasting and aesthetically timeless bedroom furniture collection. 

If you’re a fashionista looking for a place to store your personal clothing collection, look no further than the Beautify Grey Wardrobe (RRP £239.99). Complete with a large internal cupboard space and hanging rail with a spacious drawer below, you’ll have plenty of room to store your jackets, shirts, dresses and more in an organised, tidy manner.
Also on offer are two sets of drawers; a large 3-drawer chest (RRP £109.99) and a narrower 5-drawer counterpart (RRP £99.99). Each of them offer plenty of storage space for whatever you require - whether that’s clothing, towels or linens, the smooth-gliding metal runners make sure the drawers always offer you easy access to your belongings. 
The Beautify Grey Bedside Table (RRP £59.99)  is a smaller, single-drawer chest perfect for propping up next to your bed to rest a reading light and store your morning and evening essentials.
Last but not least, the collection contains a three-piece vanity station set made up of a Dressing Table (RRP £89.99), a Table Top Mirror (RRP £49.99)  and a Dressing Table Stool (RRP £49.99) all mirroring the elegant design of the range. For added convenience, the dressing table has a large draw ideal for storing makeup and accessories

Each of the items in the range is finished elegantly with a layer of cool grey satin paint, creating a modern colourway to suit any bedroom. 

To view the range, click here.

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